International Journal of Psychologyand Strategic Communication

issue 1/23

International Journal of Psychology and Strategic Communication

Issue Highlights

Personal Branding and Entrepreneurship

Increasing globalisation and the lowering threshold for start-ups due to the internet, Innovations
are leading to strong competition in entrepreneurship. For this it is of great importance for
entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves and their companies from the market environment in
order to be successful in the long term. This differentiation is possible through the development
of a strong personality brand. This paper therefore aims to answer the question of how this brand
building can be done for entrepreneurs so that they are successful in the long term. Above all, it
will be examined which success factors are decisive for personal branding in entrepreneurship.

Persuasive communication through social media

In this scientific work, important basics of communication science are explained for the topic of
persuasive communication, social media are dealt with and an exemplary demonstration of
persuasion is shown.

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